Fauna and Flora

General Wildlife

Pilanesberg National Park has more than 50 species of large mammals and many smaller species.

The game viewer’s wish list is topped by the Big Five consisting of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard, but Pilanesberg has much more to offer. The African wild dog is threatened by loss of habitat and hunting and Pilanesberg is a good place to see this social predator. 

The cheetah is a delicate creature that hunts at a speed of well over 100 km/h in the open plains. 


The Pilanesberg area is an excellent venue for bushveld birding, with more than 300 species recorded. A typical day may yield 100 species or more in the summer months from November to April when migrants are present. For close-up viewing and photography, you can visit the walk-in aviary with over 80 species of indigenous birds. The self-guided camp walk and bird shelters are also highly recommended for bird watching. Pilanesberg is great for bird watching year-round. 


Pilanesberg National Park exists within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld vegetation, commonly referred to as “Bushveld”. Unlike any other large park, unique overlaps of mammals, birds and vegetation occur because of this transition zone. The Park contains over 350 species of identified trees.