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Diverse National Park

MoAfrika offers guests unforgettable Pilanesberg safaris and tours with a variety of competitive packages. For many years, the MoAfrika team has led guests for a walk not only on the wild side but for an incredible journey back in time. Interested in a wild safari?  From the best overnight budget or luxury tours to day trips even departing daily from Johannesburg and Sun City, join MoAfrika!

Need to know the best time to visit? 

We can tell you that the best times to visit the beautiful Pilanesberg are during April, May and September when wildlife is easier to spot and the vegetation is not overgrown. 


The Pilanesberg is a magical place. As a game reserve in South Africa, it is a place for conservation and community enrichment as well as being a place where excited guests will get to experience that incredible feeling that you can only get from a safari. 

Our well-priced Pilanesberg safaris are for the whole family, the kind of tour that has a little something for everyone. Adventures into this North West based game reserve, only a few hours’ drive from Johannesburg, are enticing for a whole host of reasons. Our Pilanesberg safaris and tours are Trip Advisor recommended have been at the forefront of tourism growth in the North West Province of South Africa.

Today Pilanesberg safaris and day tours to enter the park to see animals continue to be the main attraction to the area and a wonderful option when you are close to the city of Johannesburg and want to enjoy a few days away. Our tours are cost-effective and booking a Pilanesberg safari or day tour is as simple as clicking a button.

There is so much more to this natural reserve than meets the eye. Departing daily from Johannesburg and Sun City.


The day tour packaged offered by MoAfrika include the Ultimate Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour, the Pilanesberg Open Vehicle Day Tour, and the Pilanesberg Closed Vehicle Day Tour. You will spend your day comfortably seated in a safari vehicle enjoying the many sights and sounds of South Africa’s fourth largest game park. The list of things to see here is endless!

A Pilanesberg Safari Day Tour? Why not treat yourself to more time in the Park?

If you are looking for a longer tour then there is the Pilanesberg 1 night/2 say safari tour and the 3-day safari tour. With these tours, your package will also include your Pilanesberg accommodation at a 3 or 5 Star lodge. The overnight tours include The Pilanesberg 2 Day Tour (3 star and 4-star safaris), the 3 Day Tour (3 stars and 4-star safari), as well as camping options. 

Types of affordable Pilanesberg safari packages:

  • Private Safaris 
  • Budget Safaris 
  • Family Safaris 
  • Classic Safaris

The various Pilanesberg safari options offer you 3 or 4-star treatment, depending on the package, in these stunning surroundings while you enjoy 2-3 days on safari. On the last day of these tours, your guide will drive you from Pilanesberg to Sun City to indulge in a day of pure relaxation after an early morning safari. 

A brief look at the history of Pilanesberg

This National Park, the result of a 1979 project, would not be what it is today without having had around 6000 animals relocated into the area. Formerly farming land, the park has an interesting history that goes back beyond the 1900s to a time that is almost unrecognisable.

As if South Africa’s natural settings couldn’t get any more exciting, did you know that the North West province is home to an extinct volcano? South Africa only has two of these features, and the one in which the Pilanesberg National Park is found is the only one which is inland.

The history of the Pilanesberg starts with a volcano. And the remnants of the time when lava flowed in this area can still be seen in the Pilanesberg Mountains and the unique surrounding landscapes. This makes for an interesting safari. The game reserve is within a crater, so looking around you will see a ring of distinguishable mountains reminding you that you are in a crater.

A 7000-meter tall volcano stood in this part of the world, an estimated 1.3 billion years ago. The collapse of the volcano and the subsequent fertile soil left in its wake has resulted in numerous stunning plants and trees flourishing in this area.

In our more recent history, the Pilanesberg national park was set up as a conservationist area and tourist attraction, serving the dual purpose of helping the local community by creating jobs while also being a game reserve where people can come on safari tour and learn about the various wildlife. The reserve covers an area of roughly 572 square kilometres and is filled to the brim with interesting wildlife including the Big 5. And an interesting bit of Pilanesberg information is that the park has no mosquitoes, a big plus when you are visiting Africa.

Our Pilanesberg safaris, accommodation and bookings are TripAdvisor recommended.

Convinced yet? Book your Pilanesberg safari online now.

You can stop worrying about whether you can afford a safari. With many money saving deals and last minute specials on the various tour packages readily available, anyone can journey to Pilanesberg. While the interesting landscape of the park is rather mesmerising, the real reason so many people indulge in Pilanesberg day trips and tours is, of course, to see the animals.

Pilanesberg game drives from Johannesburg.

It’s close and comfortable for a day safari.

South Africa is richly blessed with wildlife and some of the most popular sightings of the over 10 000 animals currently estimated to be in the park include lion, black rhino, and the elephant.

When you are making your booking it is crucial that you spend more than a few days here if your time allows it. Pilanesberg Safari 3-day, 4-day, and even 5-day safari tours are available from MoAfrika. You can expect 3-star accommodation while in the Pilanesberg and those looking for a little more luxury can choose 5-star lodges to stay in.

But because not everyone can spend numerous days in the park, we know that the TripAdvisor (read our reviews) recommended  1-day Pilanesberg tour is still a wonderful way to explore the park on safari and it has the most exceptional prices. The inexpensive 1-day safari will set off early in the morning, heading to Pilanesberg from Johannesburg, a short distance away. A full day is spent on safari, keenly looking for animals. The Pilanesberg day visitor is really in for a special treat. A day in this reserve is something to remember. Now departing from Sun City too. Pilanesberg is a year-round destination to visit. 

Camp in the fourth largest national park

Camping in Africa is truly something special. Our camping adventure packages in the Pilanesberg is an overnight safari that everyone should enjoy. It offers rustic comfort that will get you comfortably close to nature. We use the Manyane Camp and the Bakgatla Camp. On the last day of camping, you will be taken to Sun City to enjoy a final bit of indulgent relaxation.

The Pilanesberg might not be as famous as the Kruger National Park, but that’s okay. This game reserve is something of a weekend hidden gem, an attraction that is not overflowing with tourists but which still offers the most incredible wildlife spotting opportunities.

The affordable safari tour packages to Pilanesberg from Johannesburg in the company of MoAfrika Tours are also exceptionally well-priced, making time in the park really affordable. Departing daily from Johannesburg and Sun City.

Contact MoAfrika Tours for a top quality luxury family safari to the Pilanesberg and see the Big 5 up close in the wild.